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Special Events

Australian Grand Masters

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Divisionals 2014


Premier Winners: Tappy, Simo and Kiz
Premier Runners up: Mick M, Baz and Oz

Division 1 Winners: Glenn, Squizy and Alison
Division 1 Runners Up: Richard, Tracey and Dougie


Premier Winners: Rusty & Jason
Premier Runners up: Turtle & Steve Luby

Division 1 Winners: Glenn & Squizy
Division 1 Runners Up: Kay & Leigh


Premier Winner: Mick Mullaney
Premier Runner up: Russell Stewart

Division 1 Winner: John Squizzy Taylor
Division 1 Runner Up: Wayne Bourke

Mixed Pairs

Winners: Kay and Mark
Runners Up: Turtle and Jane

Darts ACT Weekend Ranking Comps

The Events Calendar has been updated on 26/8/14.

February 2nd Majura Challenge (CAT 2) - Burns Club -  Results

March 22nd Black Mountain Challenge (CAT 2)

& March 23rd Brindabella Classic (Cat 1) - Kaleen Sports Club.

Click the links above for the results.

April 12th Burley Griffin Challenge (CAT 2)

& April 13th Capital Open (CAT 1) - Burns Club

Click the links above for the results.

May 24th ACT Closed Doubles (Closed) - Weston Labor Club
May 25th ACT Closed Singles (Closed) - Weston Labor Club

Click here for the singles results.

July 4th 5th 6th 32nd Australian Grand Masters - Canberra Labor Club

August 23rd Cotter Challenge (CAT 2) - Weston Labor Club
August 24th ACT Open (CAT 1) - Weston Labor Club

September 27th Molonglo Challenge (CAT 2) - Burns Club
September 28th Canberra Classic (CAT 1) - Burns Club

December 6th Mt Stromlo Challenge (CAT 2) - Kaleen Sports Club

December 7th Last Chance Open (CAT 1) - Kaleen Sports Club











Special Events