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If you ever thought about playing darts, but weren't sure where to look??? Well you are in the right place!


If you have a few mates that want to put a team in, we have a weekly league competition on Wednesday nights. We have a Summer Competetition (Feb - June), and a Winter Competition (Aug - Nov/Dec).


Games are played across Canberra. Venues for our Wednesday night competition can be found here, feel free to pop along.


Check the Wednesday page or the draw for more details. Also check out our beginners pack.


We run weekend tournamants roughly 6 times per year, costing between $10-$15. If you are not a current ACT Darts Council member, you can still play. You may be asked to register (usually around $50 per year, or $25 for the 2nd half of the year). If you are just passing through Canberra, you can ask to become a temporary member for the weekend. This costs around $5.


Our biggest tournament is the Australian Grand Masters.


We also run social darts from time to time. Keep an eye on this website for more details.


If you are keen to play, click here and talk to someone in the contacts page.

You can also contact the captains who may have spare spots available in their Wednesday night teams.

More details can be found in the attached document .










Special Events