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2009 Divisional Triples:


March 4 2009. held at the Serbian Club



Brad Spurway, Eddy Luckwell and Mick Lean


Runners up:

Mick Mullaney, Shane Graham and John Cannon



Event Summary:

Triples was a great night  and I believe played in the spirit that darts should be played in!!  Thank you so much to all who  participated. We had a total of 14 teams, which was the best turn out in a  long time!!!

The results are as follows;

Division 1:

Semi 1: Trudy/Sam/Gary got through against Marie/Anthony/Alan

Semi 2: Ross/Neil/Alan beat Trish/James/Bernie

Final: Ross/Neil/Alan  (Southland Eagles) beat Trudy/Sam/Gary (Resurrected and Highlanders)

Trudy/Sam/Gary did well  considering they were a team thrown together at the last minute!!!!  Great stuff!!!


1st Boards 1 & 2 played 2nd Boards 3 & 4, Mick M/Shane/John beat Megs/Tony/Monwell

1st Board 3/4 played 2nd Boards 1 /2, Mick L/Brad/Eddy beat Brian/Lloyd/Lud

Both Board winners played  off in the final:

Mick Lean/Bradley  akaTurtle/Eddy (Blackies and Dad's Army) beat Mick M/John/Shane (Tru Blu  Dad's Army)

A hotly contested final, but a well deserved win. Im guessing Eddy is chalking all games next week for defeating his Dad's Army comrades!!!

One of the many  highlights of the night was in a round robin match, where Bull, Buddha  & Jason were fighting to stay in contention for the playoffs.

With 211 left, and a nervous Jason praying that Buddha would not hit a 41 to leave a rather ambitious 170 peg... Jason turns to Bull and says "please dont hit a 41". And sure enough, Buddha hits one of the few 26's he hit all day to  leave 185.

So Jason steps up, first dart.... 60... 2nd dart... 60... You have to be kidding!!!! With 65  left, and nothing to lose, Jason lines up a bullseye, knowing full well that if he misses, hes likely to hit a 25 to leave a nice double 20 finish... It never looked like missing... And Im guessing that is the LAST  time Buddha will ever throw a 26 when hes left on 211!!!!!!!!


On behalf of the Council, thank you for your attendance and a BIG thank you to all those people who stuck around despite not playing in the finals and chalked.  Its a thankless job however  without chalkers the games would take a very, very long time!!









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