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2009 Canberra Singles:


  Mixed Pairs

6 teams contested the ACTDC mixed pairs event.

Eddy Luckwell & Kath Clemson beat Mick Mullaney & Charlie Hutchinson, and Brad Spurway & Glenda Busby beat Jason Mudge & Mihi Reid.

Brad & Glenda played well to beat Kath & Eddy in the final.


After the round robin stages, the quarter finalists were Kath Clemson, Mihi Reid, Yvette Harris, Glenda Busby, Fran Shore, Kris Jones,  Charlie Hutchinson & Jane Cullen.

Kath, Fran, Mihi & Charlie progressed through to the semi finals.

Glenda (15.67) threw well and pegged 105, but went down to Mihi (16.78) 3-2, and Kath (16.05) lost 3-0 against Fran (18.11) who definitely stepped up in the knockout stages.

Fran (16.46) showed great resilience by coming back to defeat Mihi (15.16) 4-3.


12 men fought out the round robin stages with the following men making it through to the quarter finals:   John Cannon, Barry Forde, Andrew “Bull” Little, Brad Spurway, Tony Fleet, Steve Wood, Tony Argento and Brian Gee.

John, Brad, Bull and Fleety made it through to the semis.

Tony (26.50) beat Bull (23.90) 4-1. Bull took the first leg, but Fleety then threw 16, 17, and 2 x 19 darters to power through to the final.

Brad (24.50) started off on fire with a 15 darter followed by 2 x 19 darters. John (24.74) fought back well, but eventually lost 4-2.

The final was a one sided affair with Fleety (27.58) overpowering Brad (26.68) winning 6-0.

180’s for the weekend

Fleety  – 5

Eddy - 2

Mick, Jason, Fran, Kath, Barry F, Mihi - 1

High pegs - Glenda 105, Kath 120


Thanks to all those who helped out, including those who helped set up, hung around to chalk, and cook the bbq.

Extra thanks to Phil and the Serbian Club for your support, and being excellent hosts!










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