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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Darts ACT!



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For more general information about playing darts, click here. 2015 will kick off with the AGM, and then further details about the new years competitions will be distributed after that.

Darts ACT 2015 AGM

To be held Tuesday 27th January 2015 At 7.30pm at the Burns Club.
Election of Office bearers to be voted on 
        President (2 Years)
        Vice President
        Publicity Officer
        Coaching Director/Co-ordinator
        DA Controller
        Chairperson of Selectors
        Mens Selector
        Ladies Selector
        Juniors Selector
        Public Officer
Attention all: We need more players put their hands up for positions on the council, as the personnel that you vote in will be representing you for the whole of 2015. Please come and vote so that you can have your say to whom will be the best to look after Darts ACT.

Winter Comp 2014

Well its all over for another year. Congratulations to Outsiders and Lost Boys for defending their titles, and commiserations to Straight Shooters and Shed Boys.

Thanks heaps to all those who played, supported, chalked, helped pack away equipment throughout the year... and last but not least... the members of council for all their hours spent on the thankless, behind the scenes tasks.

The 180s, high pegs have been updated again!!!

Click here for the final ladder. There are also all time versions of the 180s and high pegs... and also some other stuff on high pegs and 180s for 2014!

A copy of our Wednesday night playing rules can be found here.

DA Ranking Comps

Saturday Mount Stromlo Challenge


Winner Mihi (Aunty) Reid 4

Runner up Kay Dowell 3



Winner Steve Wood 6

Runner up Mark Kelly 0


Sunday Last Chance Open


Winner Monique Menegazzo 4

Runner up Mihi (Aunty) Reid 0



Winner Pat Molloy 6

Runner up Mick Mullaney 5


More details can be found at the bottom of this page.

The end of year Darts Australia Rankings (ACT Players only) have been updated on 16/12/14. Click here for Ladies and Mens rankings.

Darts Australia Ranking competitions have been scheduled throughout the year. Click here for a list of dates, or click here for the updated Events Calendar.

Click here for the results from the years competitions.

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We have a facebook page up and running, click here and like our page to stay up to date with whats happening.

2015 State Team Fundraising

The events calendar had incorrect dates for the sausage sizzles scheduled for the rest of the year. I'll post the correct dates as soon as I get them.

Please ring Leigh (0400 217 427) if you can help.

Council Meeting Minutes and Reports

Minutes from the last meeting (and others) are available on the Whats News? page.

The constitution and by laws are also placed on the Rules & Regs link to your left (uploaded 3/5/14)


Burns Club Social Darts - Tuesday Nights

Update info on 20/7/14. Click on the Tuesday page for more details, or here for a flyer.



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